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Wolf Home has paired with Art Markit to bring you a collection of eclectic home goods from NY artists. The atmosphere was relaxed with manicures by Vinyl Project, canned wine and cappuccino in bottles.


Wolf Home’s unique collection of tables, especially the Hashtag and Hey engraved side tables.


The shopping bags have a rustic look and was a juxapostion to the bright art pieces. Everything from playing cards to towels and even the price points were in a wide range from 10 to 300 dollars.

The Art Markit is available for three days, so stop by 963 Broadway near E 23 street and pick up a unique piece.

Wolf Home
963 broadway
6pm to 8 pm


This year fall has gone back to dark colors and some of us are happy about the ease of dark colors (who doesn’t have grey clothes in thier wardrobe); others however dark colors are the enemies of individuality. Unless, you want to look normcore, here are some other colors that can be added based on your style.



Punk has always combined bright colors with dark colors so I recommend adding misted yellow to your black or gray outfits. You will find this color mixed into plaids.
For Rockers, aurora red is your friend. The color has also been mixed into plaid this fall but mostly skirts and dresses.



Radiant orchid and mauve mist are two purple hues that will treat you well with gray. For a more daring outfit add cognac and one of these purple hues.



For casual dressing, the blues are for you (rhyme intended), bright cobalt and royal blue. These colors can be found in your favorite clothing accessory, jeans!
For classic dressers, aluminum is a creative way to build on two neutrals. If you ever want to add color to your wardrobe, think about cypress. A green dark enough not to overthrow your neutral outfits.


Sangria is like if wine and burgundy (isn’t that a wine too?) had a baby. It is not too dark to be uninteresting and it looks great in velvet.

Try these colors out for your self on instagram with #tfgbfall and we look forward to posting the picks on our instagram page.

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As I arrived on the rooftop of Hotel Americano on a rainy Tuesday, I was issued up the elevator and slowly arrived at a design collaboration 40 years in the making. Travel accessories extraordinaire, Lesportsac and gemstone maverick, Erickson Beamon partner to add luxury and glam to travel accessories.  The inspiration for the 36 piece collection containing everything from makeup cases, jewelry rolls, garment bags, clutches and even backpacks:

Says Erickson Beamon founder Karen Erickson, “It was so important to incorporate signature elements of Erickson Beamon into this collection. I had so much fun: I love textiles, and it’s no surprise that I love to play with proportion and color. I enlarged images of the jewelry to create my own prints. The result is at once photorealistic and somewhat abstract.”


Pearl and lace trim makes this bag even more unique.

The print was not the only star of the show. There was pearl and lace embellishments and unique concepts to go along with them. The standard shapes of Lesportsac were quilted with diamond shapes,  clutches had regal gold handles and there was an air of sophistication surround the more typical travel accessories. 


The beauty of the bags easily made me forget the wind and the rain and I even stopped to enjoy the hors d’oeuvres and asked the rep about price points. Winter 2015 looks alot brighter with price points no higher than 250 dollars! I will be hanging out at Nordstrom or stalking shopbop.com in hopes to snagging these pieces.

Hello again readers!! We are closing our Futuristic Designers posts with Zimmermann and I hope everyone had as much fun reading these as I did scouring through all the beautiful garments to create this story!

Zimmermann was started in 1991 by Australian born sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. Nicky who attended design school at East Sydney started the brand herself by selling dresses at markets around Australia and got the attention of Vogue Australia soon after. Her sister joined her in 1992 and the brand really took off with an aesthetic of sophisticated feminity mixed with bold structure. Their pieces can be found in stores around the world and at http://www.us.zimmermannwear.com





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*UPDATE: One of our readers did a little investigation of here own – RELEASE DATE AUGUST 26 FOR US VOGUE!!!

All Sept issues of Vogue around the world and even teen vogue have been released on time and these are the covers…. except Vogue Italia which is also on August.

Since the first September issue of US Vogue landed in consumer hands in 1893, we have all waited with bated breath for the fashion tome. Well, it may be time to exhale. When I trotted over to Barnes &Nobles, yesterday to get all the September issues including a box set of the fashion trifecta, Elle, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazzar, I noticed that only the August issue was available for Vogue US and Italia. It struck me as strange because all other Vogue magazines were present even the small booklet that is teen vogue. Well, the lack of US Vogue’s September issue distressed me so much (as I am sure you are just as distressed), I asked one of the store reps about it.

We haven’t recieved anything other than August, he said.


What? Surely there must be a mistake. I hurried home with the trifecta box and W magazine (also produced by Conde Nast). My sister and fellow blogger decided to call the subscription number for more information. The rep from US Vogue said,

There is no release date for September Vogue.

In fact, when E! News online covered the September issues, it left Vogue Us out but included Brit and Japan. Even more interesting, Vogue.com and Vogue.it are both still showing the August issue!!!

No magazine that had a movie about the production of their September issue should have let it slip into obscurity especially when fashion week is the first week of September.

What happened?


I was blown away when I first saw the shoes designed by United Nude while playing my fav fashion game Covet! So I had to look further into these amazing sculptured futuristic skyscraper high shoes and found out that United Nude (designed by Rem D. Koolhaaus) has chosen for several seasons to pair with the amazing Iris Van Herpen to create Biopiracy; which started off as an art installation inspired by human genes and models being weightless and breathless. They have used everything from 3D printing to hand creating these amazing and unique couture pieces!

Nova Shoe Silver Chroming $2.000 http://www.unitednude.com

BIOPIRACY BOOT BLACK $1,995 on pre-order http://www.unitednude.com

SYNESTHESIA IVORY $1,295 http://www.unitednude.com



Hello my lovely readers!

We have decided that since we are so tired of the same silhouettes coming of the runway year after year why not cover the designers who are actually looking towards the future (it is 2014 after all) so I will spend this week covering the designers who have their eyes on the future and so should we. First up is Chromat

Chromat was started in 2010 by Becca McCharen who has a background in architecture. She wanted to create pieces that incorporated city maps, exoskeletons and the human body. She creates headpieces, accessories swimwear and lingerie all with architectural cages and construction. She was nominated by Forbes magazine is one of the 30 designers changing the world. All her pieces are made in New York City.

Chromed Metropolis Dress $8,295.00 http://www.shopchromatgarments.com

Jessica Rabbit Cage Dress $475.00

Minnie Ears $88.00


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