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For over 3 years, the T-project has provided Americans with all their manufacturing needs from pattern making to production as well as offer a showroom to international designers. This October, they are proud to offer a 360 service that will teach the Tuscan production system to American Designers. The system allows for quick production of accessories by using minimal seams and completing a lot of details before sewing construction of the piec similar to the cad mark-up below.


The T-project teaches the Tuscan production system to local designers for just 2500 for 40 hours of lessons and takes them on a two floor journey of Italian workmanship. In the conveniently located garment district, 347 w 36th st, the 11th floor is a selection of final creations in thier showroom which can be a great source of inspiration.

This necklace by 'Brooklyn Brass' in Brooklyn is one of the inspirational pieces in the showroom and also an alumni.

This necklace by ‘Beauty Brass’ in Brooklyn is one of the inspirational pieces in the showroom and also an alumni.

The 10th floor is the teaching space where leather hangs from the walls imprinted with prints, texture, animal skins and glossy finishes. The classes are led by some of the most renown pattern makers including Master Geatano De Franceschi and Master Raphael Lombardo (who has turned out samples in just 24 hours). The course cover a full range of development and production techniques including 3d Computer prototypes, molding and branding.

The course is for all accessories designers (handbags, shoes, jewelry and belts) and is a fraction of the cost of FIT. Judging by the alumni upstairs, it is well worth the investment.


Classes are offered in now thru march 2015, and further information can be seen at the t-projectshowroom.com.

Curvy Chic Layering Fall 2014

Short hair don’t care

At the Alternacare event this past week, I asked what the lastest trends in hair was and he said simply “short. Celebrities are going really short these days and trends are mostly about color”. As a person with short hair, I rejoiced but if you are not getting a pixie what styles can you incorporate this spring?

The bun


The back knot is easy to incorporate and streaks of colors are optional. Hair chalk can be used if you want to completely create this look. For a more exact bun, there are bun forms that can be used. Simply twist your hair, fold in half and twist. Gray accents here can be replaced by the new fall color pastel blue or the spring color pink.

The fringe


Bangs are longer for Spring and can go swept to the side for a change. The easy way to create this look is to go to stylist for a simple bang and blowdry. Frizz adds body to hair and is more acceptable this spring. For a more updated bang look, go for a beach hair look by scrouching you locks with salted water and let dry.

Spring color report


Spring color themes are varied but we were surprised to see ombre come back this spring. A new twist on the trend is using pastel color at the end instead of blonde colors. Pink is posed to be the color for Spring and my sister blogger is wearing it right now.  Red is always my summer go to color (I wear black in the fall).

Shift dresses in every style


The shift dress is the one of the new silhouettes for fall. It is not new by all means but nothing in fashion ever is truly new. The New Look of today was the new look of yesterday. In any case, the shift dress has such a finite shape it may be the hardest dress to incorporate into your wardrobe. Look for these staples to create a shape more fit for your style:


Other than sticking with cliché prints like plaids, stripes and skulls, try a shift with a longer hemline that fits at the waist and drops straight down. Try scoop neck or collar detail and faux leather accents for a more edgy feel. For punk dresses, find an A-line shift dress in bright neutrals (i.e. cobalt blue, oxblood, or gray).

Pair it up:

Rocker: Pair a basic A-line shift with a printed moto jacket to full trendy. For a more true to you style, wear a bomber or utility jacket and a pair of ankle hitting boots.

Punk: Wear scarf for a retro vibe and wear printed stockings. Wool skull cap is am most. Pair it with sneakers.


A lace shift dress would be perfect but for a true romantic or vintage look, go for a high neck line, square shoulders and flair at the waist fit. Go for soft pastels instead of cliché lace detail ( even though you secretly want one) and add scarf around the waist to add a touch of feminine.

Romance : Pair with a cardigan and sandals. For a cold weather look, wear ankle boots. Add a scarf around the neck.

Vintage: Wear a thin belt around the waist like the 70’s and pair with knee high go-go boots that are so in style right now.


Soft knit and jersey fabrics can make  a shift dress fit to wear every day for casual dressers. For classic dresses, look for a shift dress with a pencil skirt fit on the bottom to show off curves.

Classic: Pair with nude tights, pumps and an infinity scarf in a neutral color. Add bracelets and a blazer to dress up.

Casual: Add a jean jacket and sneakers for a comfortable look.


Brocade, embroidery detail and jewels are all the things you need to make a shift dress right for you. Pair it with heels and faux fur vest to add more glam appeal.


Printed Moto Jackets



The Moto jacket is the go to piece for fall. However, you might find it difficult to add this rocker staple to other styles. So we created this guide to help you add this piece effectively to your wardrobe.


We loved the JUICY COUTURE  Navajo print that has the casual feel and the edgy moto style. When looking for a printed moto jacket, cotton and faux leather combinations for casual looks and neutral tones for a more classic outfit.

For Casual:  Printed moto jackets can be paired with jeans for a easy and fun look.

For Classic: Pencil skirts can make a printed moto jacket look more refined.


BCBG MAXMARIA boucle jacket gives plaid print a more refined look but the unfinished edges give it that punk edge. The idea here is to find a printed moto jacket in traditional prints, stud details and a mix of faux leather throughout to increase to the edge factor. Choose one that appears rough around the edges for a more punk feel.

For Rockers: Pair it with ripped or torn jeans and ankle boots.

For Punks: Pair with sneakers and printed pants. Don’t go plaid all over because it will be overwhelming.


Flowers and lace detail make for a great edgy/soft look.  REBECCA TAYLOR’s floral print detail adds a feminine look to the moto jacket and the faux leather plays down the edginess. Look for a feminine looking moto jacket, floral prints and lace detail as well as neutral faux leather colors to soften the edginess of the moto jacket.

Pair it with:  Full skirts increase the feminine feel, go short to be flirty and longer for work.


Animal prints and faux fur details on moto jackets add glam to the edginess. Finding moto jackets with fur detail is easy but animal print may be more difficult. Find fabrics with glitter thread accents and rhinestone detail.

We end our get it for less portion of the fall trends with every chic girls’ fav; the Moto jacket which though keeps it’s cool girl vibe is now updated with prints!! Plaid, floral and boho patterns are big this season! Wear this over casual and simple pieces so that the jacket gets all the attention!!

IMG_1802.JPG Red Plaid Moto Jacket $37 http://www.windsorstore.com

IMG_1803.JPG Grey Snake Skin Biker Jacket $25 http://www.debenhams.com

IMG_1804.JPG Luella Biker Jacket $41 http://www.oliverbonas.com

IMG_1805.JPG Juna Woven Ikat PVC Trim Biker Jacket $30 http://www.boohoo.com

Every girl needs a handbag and it’s the most sought after accessory as it doesn’t matter your size, height or weight any girl can rock a great handbag! This season is all about the structured satchel that is chic and can be worn from work to hanging out and it comes in all colors and patterns this season! When we attended NYFW this season it was all about fringe! What better way to wear the trend then on a handbag!
Structured Satchels

IMG_1796.JPG Steve Madden Bmayaa Satchel $43.99 http://www.macys.com

IMG_1797.JPG Aldo Netrosio Satchel $44.99 http://www.aldoshoes.com

IMG_1798.JPG Aldo Bieno Satchel $39.98 http://www.aldoshoes.com

Fringed Bags

IMG_1799.JPG Roxy Magic Crossbody $40 http://www.zappos.com

IMG_1800.JPG With Love From CA All Over Fringe Bag $35 http://www.pacsun.com

IMG_1801.JPG Suede Fringe Half Moon Shoulder Bag $49 http://www.urbanoutfitters.com


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