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America has been dubbed the land of the sale and brands across the pond are starting to treat American shoppers as a way to get rid of what will not sale in their  own countries. Is it right for brands to sell select items to US customers, poorly stock their US urls and sell items no European wants to us at deep discounts? (Maybe the last part isn’t so bad?)

Website follies

If you do shop online, websites can be a mirror to what brands conceive about you as a shopper. Brands seem to be loyal to their origin country but shouldn’t all customer be treated equal?  My sister and I are fan of several Europen brands including Irregular Choice, Iron Fist and most recently French Connection. These brands all treat US customers differently!!

Iron Fist rarely stocks their US url but European shoppers always have a stocked url. French Connection offers sale items only on their US site (outlet is just for accessories on UK site) while Irregular Choice offers deeper discounts to European shoppers even when converted to US dollars.

All these antics have made us weary of online shopping and we are not alone.

The problem it creates

My sister is constantly ordering from Iron fist but has yet to actually receive an item from the website. Other sites that sell the brand have the same issue. An order from Hot Topic still did not include the pair of shoes she ordered. So now, third party sites are offering the brand at higher prices then listed on affliate and the original site. Customers now have to pay more to get items they want and sometimes these items can be knock offs.

Shoppers are hating the online experience

Memes of shopping online have surfaced as shoppers are flocking back to brick and mortar stores. So sites that offer emerging designers a place to sale may have to create a brick and motar store to entice shoppers to shop online.

So what can online stores do to get you to shop? Let us know, comment below!!!


If you are a 30ish girl tired of fitting 21 somethings and younger for the premium choices at H&M, and long for a wider range of sizes, then this pop-up is for you!!


MARIE CLAIRE through an opening event last night with etta-tinis (names after the editor hosting the event – Etta Granata ), hor d’oeuvres and rows of print and brightly colored dresses, statement jewelry and mini audieres.


The price points for the dresses were as low as 36 dollars, jewelry went from 8 to 24 dollars and mini audieres started at 36.

Sizes went up to 22W on site but you could order larger sizes delivered to the pop-up store for free!


Location 102 5th ave at W 15th street
Date: closes on May 31
Time:11am to 8pm


After “preppy black Friday” left empty shelves at target and inflated prices on ebay; my sister and fellow blogger moaned the lost of the bag she could not get until she went to lily pulitzer website and found similar price points as the prices on ebay.

We decided that maybe the issue is that young shoppers have accepted certain myths created by big box low end stores as well as stylist “get it for less” fashion news. Here are the myths and the truth behind them.


designer means expensive

With clothing lines like Coach, Fendi, Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton held at one end and Zara, H&M, forever21 held at the other, these stylist “get it for less” segments have created the belief that nothing exist in the middle. Unknownly, they have created a “sale” culture and also have made the mid-priced designer invisible.

Lily Pulitzer is a great example. The idea of launching a brand for target is to get people interested in the brand not for Ebay to compete with her own site. Sadly, in recent years, Target seems to be making all the money with no back splash for the designer.

Designers like Lily Pulitzer, Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, Iron Fist, Vince Camuto, and many more do offer affordable alternatives to the big box trifecta. Also, designers are now folding their “budget” line into the main line to offer even more price points (kate Saturday for example).


you can get quality at cheaper prices

Okay, the average clothes from a low end store has shelf life of 6 weeks. This means if seasonal clothes do not sell in their season, they have to leave the store immediately or fall apart on the rack. The standard for most clothes bought at 9.99 to 14.99 is about 3 months which increase waste as most end up in landfills. In fact, in the long run 3 tops at these price points would last 9 months, a designer top at 60 dollars will last 8 years plus retain value so you can sell it and get something else. In the end, you will spend 6 times the amount of one designer top to save money in the short run. Was it worth it?


designers do not have sales, so no way I can afford anything

Sample sales are designer sales. Rackedny, clothingline and 260sample sale are just a free places to find out where they are located. Sign up for your favorite designer newsletter and they will let you know about online sales as well as sample sales. There are a range of sizes and they do decrease over time since most are not slated for more than a week.

Also, stores like lord and Taylor often have these brands on sale as well as a great collection of mid priced brands. Dillard’s can also be used as an online alternative.

Finally, TJMaxx, Marshalls and DSW also offer great bargains on designer items.

If we can stop these myths and educate shoppers, we can stop the sale cycle, and even help new designers starting out.


When I heard that Lily Pulitzer was doing a collab with Target I was a little skeptic because in the past a lot of Target Designer collabs look nothing like the actual brand;(Though I still use my Phillip Lin Target crossbody) So I was beyond excited when I heard that Target would set up a pop up shop and Lily fy Bryant Park for one day this past Thursday. The line had hundreds of Lily fans dressed up in Lily’s house line and when I finally got into the shop I was pleasantly surprised!
The collection is very well made and has the spirit of Lily; (though unfortunately none of her actual prints as Target chose artists to create prints that were inspired by Pulitzer and used those for the collection ) There is something for everyone as there are clothing, accessories, furniture, shoes and home goods all with the feel of being in Boca Raton,FL sipping on a Pina Colada!







Sample sales are not the only shopping events vying for our dollars. We have a break down of stores from big box to international that are opening this summer.

Charming Charlie
Corner of East 39th st and 5th ave

This big box accessories store was scheduled to open this month but with all the bells and whistles including a tv screen wall, three stories and a showroom; we probably would be lucky to see it in May.

East 43rd and 5th ave

Where Steve Madden closed his shop, Sketcher’s is opening there’s on 5th and 42nd street. The store is scheduled to open in June.

East 40th street and 5th ave

From Japan, this home goods store has no date attached to it but the pictures on the store front promise some interesting home accents from candles to soft lighting.

Skirts are in in all lengths: midi, mini and maxi but what length would be best for you. Now, more than ever your shape plays a role as well as personal style.


Mini skirts full mid thigh and come in three styles: flair, pencil and tulip.

Flair skirts are great for those who love romance dressing. Flair is not for those with tummies and can exaggerate hips.

Pencil is best for all looks because the shape can be found in denim  (casual), leather  (rocker), or in knits (vintage). Go for a style with embroidery threads for glam or a lace motif for romance. However,  thighs should remain 1/2 inch apart for comfort. Note that those with an ample booty can lose length in the back. So for those with this shape stick to tulip or pencil.

This style is tricky because it is not for those with short legs and really comes in three styles (straight, flair or pencil) with a heavy dependence on fabric choices. There is one that combines sheer with a mini skirt in a sort of hybrid midi. These is pretty difficult to wear in prints so stick to solids.



Maxi are best for boho, romance or causual with fabric and texture playing important roles. This shape is most flattering to all shapes by increasing length and slimming hips.

These have some new styles for 2015: high-low, paperbag waist and flair. High-low adds chic style and is great for glam dressing if you want to show legs. Flair is more for vintage and romance while paperbag waist is more casual. Standard straight is for everyone else where print takes an active role.

Hankerchief has also made a comeback but is for more daring persons. If you wear Hankerchief maxis send us a picture and you may get featured on our instagram page.

Body image Recap:

Mini – short torso, but not for thick thighs or ample butts unless knit fabric or pencil.

Midi – not for short legs, or tummies but great for pear shapes.

Maxi – great for every body shape. Get one with high low for long legs, a split for short legs and straight to floor to lengthen.

It’s spring finally (even though snow is still coming some Northern states) and there are so many trends we decided to break it down by article of clothes. Today, we are all about the pant. Hard to find in the winter but somehow , like flowers in the spring, they are now everywhere. As usually we will pinpoint the best style and dress for each pant and recommend some pairing ideas.


Cropped Pants

These pants are come to above the ankle and are great in creating length for those with short legs. There is not good for pear-shaped body frames.

For: classic dressers, reverse pear shape and casual dressers.

Best with: blouse, t-shirts, heels.

Worst with: crop tops.


flared pants

Not like the 70’s these pants flare is less severe so that they remain wide at the thigh giving the leg an even tone and shape.

For classic and vintage dressers and rockers who love Ziggy stardust.

Great for Apple and Square shape because it creates length and enhances the shape.

Pair with: cigar blazers, tanks, slim fit tops, cutout highlights and lace.


These hybrid between shorts and pants are my favorite silhouette because it works for all styles of dress depending on what it is paired.

Not suitable for square and apple shapes without use of a belt.

Pair with the staples of your dress style.


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