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It’s spring finally (even though snow is still coming some Northern states) and there are so many trends we decided to break it down by article of clothes. Today, we are all about the pant. Hard to find in the winter but somehow , like flowers in the spring, they are now everywhere. As usually we will pinpoint the best style and dress for each pant and recommend some pairing ideas.


Cropped Pants

These pants are come to above the ankle and are great in creating length for those with short legs. There is not good for pear-shaped body frames.

For: classic dressers, reverse pear shape and casual dressers.

Best with: blouse, t-shirts, heels.

Worst with: crop tops.


flared pants

Not like the 70’s these pants flare is less severe so that they remain wide at the thigh giving the leg an even tone and shape.

For classic and vintage dressers and rockers who love Ziggy stardust.

Great for Apple and Square shape because it creates length and enhances the shape.

Pair with: cigar blazers, tanks, slim fit tops, cutout highlights and lace.


These hybrid between shorts and pants are my favorite silhouette because it works for all styles of dress depending on what it is paired.

Not suitable for square and apple shapes without use of a belt.

Pair with the staples of your dress style.

The fashion body guide


Courtesy of britishsyle bloggers

There  are  so many trends out there that your body type and preferences should be playing a bigger part in what you wear.

We all have issues with our body but it should not hinder our choices when it comes to clothes.

So we have create this simple guide about three problem areas and what not to wear to create the illusion of the body you want endless trips to the gym nor tight undergarments.


Courtesy of fashonisers

Pear shaped

I am unfortunate to have this shape but I have identified some clothing items that just will not work for your benefit. Here are  three bottoms to due without:

Tapered pants
I love separates and a good pant is a must have this season (pants guide pending ). Unfortunately not all pants look good on everyone.  Stay away from these pants that can make you look extra heavy in the thigh area and go for wide leg or bootcut.

Pencil skirt

This type of skirt can be difficult to walk in if the bottom is too narrow. Looks that curve at the waist and drop straight at the legs should be more suitable.


There is such a thing as “short” shorts. Stay away from cuts  that show too much cheek or fall mid thigh. Shorts just above the knee are perfect if fit is tight, but loose fitting styles can fall mid thigh without looking tight.


Courtesy of afmu.net


So you have more on top you say. So shirts are more your problem area. Do not be afraid to go up one size for better fit and tailor other aspects of the garment (like sleeves to improve fit). Here are some things to avoid:

Empire waist

Nothing makes breast stand out more and increase the chance of looking top heavy then this cut. Always toted to plus size vixens as the go to silhouette  (it’s not), this shape gives the rest of your body no shape. Instead go for a top or dress that has side seams only and a little stretch. It will outline all the best parts of your figure.

Buttoned blouse

This type of shirt is said to be a staple but gapping between buttons can be a problem. If you can afford to go a size larger then do. Either roll up sleeves or have them tailored for a better fit. An alternative is to pair with a tank top and leave open at problem areas.


Courtesy of ealuxe


So you have minimal curves? No worries. Clothes can create the curves. Sheath dresses are your enemy so opt for form fitting cocktail. Pants should be tapered and try high waisted or at waist looks. Pencil skirts are a must but do not go tight on top and hem should extend pass mid thigh. Add belts to waist for flowy blouses which are making a statement this spring.


Courtesy of qouteimg.com


Dresses that flair are best. Tight fitting anything will add extra padding to the middle. Also, play with prints like floral and plaid.

I absolutely have fallen on love with the Boho style and have been mixing it with my rocker/punk style for a while now! I am so happy to see it come back in style in different versions every year! So my fellow curvy girls I have put together some cute outfits for you to try out. I don’t like ponchos on curvy girls as it just makes us look boxy so instead go for a kimono or blanket cardigan that you can layer. Leave multi tiered skirts alone as they are too cliché and can make you look older and instead go for a flowy maxi skirt or shorter flared Boho printed skirt. I hate traditional peasant tops for the same reason as ponchos and instead go for an embroidered tank or a short sleeved silk modern peasant style that opens at the neck.

curvy chic Boho style

Hello readers! We are trying out a new category called Faux or Real which will highlight designer bags that have been constantly counterfeited and if their knock off design can even compete with the real one. I am starting off with Furla ‘ Candy bag which I received recently for my birthday and had no idea the ones I see everyone toting around wasn’t the real thing!

Furla- Though the bag is made of plastic like it’s counterfeit; the plastic is very thick and not sticky and has seams that has been heat sealed. The bag comes with a gold Furla engraved padlock that locks the bag closed. There is also a “Furla Candy” hang tag and the bag also has “made in Italy” and Furla printed on it.

The bag is made from thin sticky plastic and though it has the same shape and a padlock; the padlock
doesn’t lock the bag closed. This company decided to hang charms from their bag.

I say save up and spend the $248 for the real thing and leave the $29.99-$90 Counterfeits alone as they will more then likely break and you will have to replace them. The quality is totally worth it and you support a small luxury brand.



Ever so often we write about new brands and websites that create unique customer experience and go the extra mile in what seems the hardest feat in fashion today: creating universal fit structures for everybody type without limitations on style and perks.


This site is one of the few sites that offers such a rare combination,  and even though we wrote about thier tailor service and wide range of sizes before, their new crop of 2015 dresses are so versatile, they can be used for different occasions past thier moniker. Yes, they sell dresses for prom but also bridesmaids,  brides and other events. Promtimes.co.uk is worth the time to peruse and you will reel at the selection and at the prices. Everything is always on sale with up to 75% off the original price.


The new crop of dresses have a demure elegance that seem to extend it beyond the most obulent occasions.  We love the sleek fit and the subtle addition of exotic fabrics added to unique design details similar to what celebrities wear on the red carpet.

So stop by promtime.co.uk, not just prom dresses, a variety of sizes, styles and colors with a perpetual sale that is never ending. What more could you want?

  The point of NYFW being so early in the year, is that designers get to show their work before the pompous parade of couture gets too much to bare and we begin to wonder where am I going to wear this? (No matter how beautiful,  it is just not practical)
    Enter the laid back coolness of Asian fashion, a break from the colorfest (in winter?) and the sheers with strong thick knits and a feel of grittiness.


We love the forerunners of Asian designers are women. There are so few in the fashion industry (unless they are celebrities). With dark colored structural pieces in over exaggerated forms, the designs were comfortable and gained the most likes on our instagram page.


Asymmetrical hems made the “not so clean” lines interesting and even was pleasantly unexpected. The only down side was most of the thigh high boots were too long and disguised the bottom hem, making it hard to determine actual length of the dress (as seen above).

Unlike most shows this season, we saw knits and paired with short jackets with exaggerated collars. A delight juxtaposition between length and form.

Finally, a little mixed media never hurt anyone especially at this show. We also liked the dual ombre because no one else did and the fact it is on knits make it harder to pull off but she did.

We would of love some colorful jewelry to break up the monotone of black, white and gray but with ample turtleneck features, we can add our own.

I end my Spring shoe guide with a brand I am obsessed with! I own their clothes and handbags as well as their kick ass shoes! Iron Fist wascstarted by two skaters in 2001 and since then the brand has hired many skaters and artists to create their one of a kind prints. They create well made shoes with a punk twist and the price is so afforable with no shoe priced over $80!!



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