"Fashion at the speed of life"

As long as war plagues our world, fashion will empress military as a statement. Of course, we are not going to start wearing combat boots, camouflage makeup, and the dread camouflage print (at least not in clothes). This fall military is buttons, army green (or navy blue) and  the seasons best accent. Think silhouettes, fur trim and a soft feminine touch.  There is a node to aviator as well so be careful about mixing the two looks.

How to get it right:

Don’t pile it on: Stick to one military inspired item and dress it up with a dress or down with a mini skirt. Please no A-line and no jeans.  Think flowing on bottom and tailored on top.

Camouflage print is designated to handbags only. Please stay away from this print in clothes, shoes and jewelry.

Do not where combat boots. Wear ankle boots on a flowing dress if you must but jeweled mary janes are better or even heels. Wear long boots with short skirts but make sure they fit. No slouchies here!

Finally, remember simple is best so here is a shot from Maire Claire who has gotten it right:

Maire Claire shoot

Maire Claire military shoot


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