"Fashion at the speed of life"

Yep, in the fashion world, Spring as already arrived and it brought some unexpected trends with it! Contradicting trends like tough motorcycle co-exist with floral print. We loved that Laced stayed in and finally, after 10 years said so long to military. But best of all kittens heels have survived and are making a comeback for Spring! Here are some highlights for spring that we are sure to love!!

1. Biker Chic

We love the tough motorcycle jacket remodeled for high fashion. With embellishments like zippers and buckles on sleeves.  Balmain’s chain shoulder and buckled waist gives the motorcycle jacket an interesting vibe.

motorcycle jacket

The best part about this trend is that you can wear it two ways: Try it with skinny jeans or slim fitting pants for an edgy look or pair it with a flowy dress or skirt for an everyday look!

2. Metallics are back

Silver is the newest neutral to hit the fashion circuit! A high voltage gray, silver adds an unexpected glam to the tailors look of spring.  Even more surprising, silver is used in a paired down version with ruffles, pleats and trim showing up in this unexpected color!

motorcycle jacket

Stay tuned for more spring fashion has we run with open arms into 2011! Remember chic not cheap!


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  1. Keep up with the amazing blog! I susbscribe to a lot of blogs and for a newcomer your really on the mark! great job!

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