"Fashion at the speed of life"

Some of us with a psychic fashion sense may have saw this coming and have a motorcycle experienced jacket stashed in the back of thier closets (;) like moi). For those deprived of a fashion sixth sense, here are some alternatives to the pricey models on the Market!

1. JCPenny’s and thier anti-trend vibe have already began to clearance off thier motorcycle jackets. A 72 to 105 dollar jacket is priced right now from 34.99!

motorcycle jacket

This worthington Jacket is on sale right now for 34.99

2.Macy’s is also onto sales mode with the motorcycle jacket with clearance starting at 26.99.

3. Forget Forever 21 and H&M for this trend. Forever 21 is still in cold weather mode and is offering wool versions of the motorcycle jacket. H&M’s motorcycle is priced at 84.00 and its lace counterpart is 59.00!

Here the department stores have won the day! So run out now and get those clearance jackets; you will need them this spring!


Comments on: "Spring Foward: Get it For Less – Motorcycle Jacket" (1)

  1. Wow I usually never shop at jcpennys but that jacket is soo hot! thanks for the great get it for less šŸ™‚

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