"Fashion at the speed of life"

I’ve noticed the similarities since I saw tapes from my big brother’s favorite show back in the day Drexel’s Class. Actor Phil Buckman had the same long hair and rocker style as the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Anthony Kiedis. They look frighteningly alike. Strangely Phil is now also a musician. You be the judge.

Anthony keidis

actor musician Phil Buckman


Comments on: "Celebrity Twins?!:Anthony Kiedis and Phil Buckman" (8)

  1. This popped up in my Google Alerts…
    For the record, I had long hair before I had even heard of RHCP. I also cut mine off before Anthony, and bleached it blond (it was the 90’s!) before him, too.
    I have also cut may hair since that pic of me.

    And also for the record, I am not a singer. I am the bass player in FILTER.

  2. Sorry Phil no disrespect, and thanks for reading my blog I’m honored! You and Anthony are both hot!

  3. awesome blog over here! Thanks for posting…

  4. Dean Mathers said:

    When i was 17 i was obsessed with Anthony Keidis. I grew my hair like him, ironed it to look more like Anthony, and i purposely gave really long winded rambling and vague answers to questions so i would be more like him. I ended up meeting him when they toured Australia, and thought ‘I should mention something really obscure that only a hardcore fan will know’… so I told him he was great on married with children…. he said “I guess I’m meant to laugh at that… then told me to F-off!!” I had no idea what had happened, i couldn’t believe that my child hood hero had said that to me. About 12 years later i saw the episode of Married with Children again, and realised it wasn’t Anthony it was Phil Buckman.

  5. Phil Buckman and Anthony Kiedis don’t look like at all! funny you think that!

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