"Fashion at the speed of life"

Continuing with fashion’s time machine – Back to the future with the 1960’s look hitting the runway this season. Last week we took a look at the full skirt as a staple in the fall wardrobe. Fast forward (or backwards) to the Sheath dress, a boxy cut dress that curves into the waist and falls to mid thigh. The trick to the proper sheath dress is that it hugs and fits the body without being too revealing or tight. Here is a sample:

Monica in a sheath dress

The proper sheath holds with accentuating any body parts giving a classic look.

Well here are some great choices:

We all expected a picture of a really expense sheath dress we can all gush over and here it is – a Givenchy sheath for 738.00:

Givenchy Sheath Dress

Now for the get it for less part:

1. Banana Republic

We loved their version with a sweet v-neck and full bodice front for almost any busty gal for $130.00:

Banana Republic - $130.00

2. Anne Taylor Loft

This sheath dress accents the waist with a belt, giving a soft accent the waist and hiding tiny bellies for 79.50

3. On sale right now is Ralph Lauren’s sheath dress for 54.99, a steal from its regular price of 190.00:

Ralph Lauren Sheath

4. For a steal all the time try catalogs like Newport and Spiegel. This dress from Spiegel is just 39.50:

Spiegel Sheath Dress

The later you shop for this look the more options you will have for a cheaper alternative. Look for deals around mid summer just in time for Fall!


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