"Fashion at the speed of life"

Hot Topic

Hot Topic was the one place we all went to get rock tees, accessories and cool shoes. Hot Topic has been slowly fading from punk to mainstream kitchyness for the past three years hoping to gain more customers. We all hated when our bands went mainstream – Slipknot, Paramore and Linkin Park which all later change their sound. Hot Topic is no exception (pardon the pun).  We ran into the new Hot Topic in Coral Springs mall which shoved all the rock style leftovers in the back behind a large wall. The items in front were now kitchy eyed cupcakes, sweet tees and mainstream rock bands tees.

In broward county, the store remain heavily punk influenced. The chain seems to want to be everything to everyone, using demographics to make their store appeal to local customers. Apparently being true to their loyal customers means nothing so here we are. If you still want punk and edgy items at affordable prices stop by our store. http:// http://www.fuscha.etsy.com

This has been a real hot topic since 2007 and that pun can be qouted.

Animal bands

yet another hot topic


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