"Fashion at the speed of life"

This spring came with so many trends, no one can not be in style! From bold colors, animal prints and looks spanning three decades (60’s, 70’s and 80’s) our heads a spinning with what trend best fits our personality, style or just our body shape. The first step is to know your base style. if you like to embrace your inner romantic then the  ballet trend is for you.

Sparked by “Black Swan” , this trend was a shoe in , a ballet one, for Spring. The look combines soft, flowing bottoms with a solid colored top.   Keep pieces tonal for a subtle effect, such as a beige pleated chiffon maxi skirt and matching bodysuit or a sheer chiffon dress or silk shirt. This light and airy silhouette should be kept subtle with cool sandals or ballet flats.

The trend embraces light airy fabrics and flexiblity. Its not tight and heels are a no-no. Its about grace and charm and i would say its the sister to the lace trend which we will review next week.

So to wear it light, try a sheer pleated skirt with a body suit and pair with ballerina flats:

A simple ballet look

To go a little more formal, try a chiffon dress and pair with tie up ballet flats.

please, no tutus – that is better left for the professionals!


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