"Fashion at the speed of life"

It’s a surprise to see this high markup department store offer a sale so we had to check out what they have. No surprise the sale only lasts two days – May 2nd to May 3rd.

Prepare to shop hard for the best deals and expect new items to be added quickly. Also, do not expect to find what is trending now, Neimen Marcus is to smart to put those items on sale. If you have a style or heart a designer then this sale is for you. Try sorting by percentage off since the price sort will only give you the higher price items.

If you do not heart a designer or have a style; I suggest you stick to shoes, handbags, and jewelry. Think top handled satchels, strappy shoes and over the top jewelry.

Prices start at 58.00 (some jewelry items priced lower)

Juicy Couture tote for 58.00

The sale is online only at http://www.neimanmarcus.com/

Check out the online clearance sale for feather skirts at 138.00! The clearance sale is separate from the sale and does not carry a extra 25% off but some items are marked 85% off the original price.

shop the clearance sale here. The online clearance is on-going so come back for new arrivals.


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