"Fashion at the speed of life"

Japan has always been on the brink of future fashion from Cosplay to Hurajuku. I always love Japanese punk for its many varieties and even put some headbands in our store next week featuring neon headbands. So when i saw this topic on twitter I had to blog about it.

Fashion has not always been future orientated (other than the purse that charges your phone through solar power and color changing clothes); the newest trends seem to be focuses on a host of trends that were successful decades ago. Now neurology and fashion sensors collide, in this new product from Neurowear.net.

The product is cat ears and that are on a headband that reads your brain waves and actually move to your emotions. The first of many brain waves accessories called neuromini.

The youtube video of these amazing ears has got over 400,000 hits thus proving that everyone is hungry for something new!

I love anime and I have already contacted them to see how much for the ears and when they are on sale – I will keep you posted and of course If I do get it I will post a video of me wearing it.


I just got an email from the manufacturer and unfortunately, the ears won’t be available till the end of this year. The color and priced are undetermined as of yet. Follow neurowear on facebook for sales dates!!


Comments on: "Neurowear.net: Motion Cat Ears" (1)

  1. omg I love those ears! I also love the topics you blog about!

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