"Fashion at the speed of life"

I know some artists like lady Gaga have been known to steal peoples’ looks and styles but I always commended Katy Perry for having a fresh unique sound and style that was 1940’s mixed with bubblegum pop. But I was shocked when I recently viewed her new video “E.T” with to my shock featured Kanye West?!! I thought I was being punked and any minute she would pull of her “Alien” mask and Lady Gaga would show up to claim her video. I never thought Katy would need the help of Kanye West of all people for any of her fun songs. This song isn’t even fun its just weird and oddly dark and goth ! So unlike Katy perry! What happened? Why do all these artists keep copying from one another, there is plenty of room in the music industry for everyone! Katy perry has a great following for her cute and poppy songs! And with a gorgeous husband like Russel Brand does she really need to be talking about alien sex?! HUH? It just looks and feels like something Gaga would do. watch it on you tube and you be the judge. I’ve included a pic of Katy in her Alien getup.

katy perry in her “Alien” costume for music video “E.T”


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