"Fashion at the speed of life"

Some say fashion is just a series of trends and fads that were well loved but what happens when we try to be original? Some times, like Alexander Mcqueen, a thing of genius is born but other times, it can produce shunning acts of fashion don’ts. The worst part its just not us who play fashion victim but also places where we thought fashion can claims as its birthplace.

The Strange

The fall Pilgrim trend in France is absolutely ghastly. Anything that makes women look like nuns is why some lines should stick to past trends that worked. The color is black and black hasn’t been in since we switched to colors in 2008.

Pilgrim Trend

The Odd

Nail trends have been coming to the foreground for the past two years. In the most part, the focus has been on fun prints, bright colors and a new twist on the french manicure. Now we are suppose to stick foil on our fingers. foil is extremely hard to work with and judging by this picture even an expert has trouble with this material.

bizarre nail trend

Stick to the metallic nail polish on the model to the left for this trend.

The Weird

I know fabric is costly but using scraps around the warehouse to make your new collection is not acceptable. Mixed print dress are a ghastly and have a sense of DIY gone wrong.

mixed prints

The Bizarre

To be continued…


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