"Fashion at the speed of life"

Since Summer is just around the corner I’ve decided to make my next blog entries about how to get those awesome 2011 Summer essentials for less! So you’ll find out where to get cute and sexy bikinis, straw handbags perfect for the beach and everywhere else, shell jewelry, flip flops, sunglasses and etc, all for amazing prices!

So for my first Summer Essential I have chosen the straw fedora. This hat looks so chic and adorable on just about everyone! You can pair it with maxi dresses (also an important summer must have) or a long broom skirt and tank top.
Plus a hat is great protection against the harsh Summer sun and great for bad hair days as well ( which will be prevalent thanks to all the sweating we will all be doing!)

I’ve chosen for you three versions.

An adorable chic fedora from Gap that features a dark tan (they call it “cinnamon”” straw fedora with a cobalt blue band. It also comes in Natural. At $29 it may be a little steep for a hat for most.

Next is an girly and dainty version from Charlotte Russe. It as a black ribbon band that in the back has a three tiered bow! And at $9.50 its a steal!

Last is one on sale ladies! American Eagle makes a sleek straw fedora in..black! It usually retails for $15.50 but is priced at just $11.95 right this minute so get on sale while you can! Black will be perfect for those warm summer nights out.

Straw Fedora Hat $29.50 http://www.gap.com

American Eagle Black Straw Fedora $11.95 http://www.ae.com


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