"Fashion at the speed of life"

No, this is not yet another celebrity death hoax, its figurative… she kills herself with her lack of originality. Her new album “Born this way” is a tawdry journey down yesterday’s music tunnel: a little mold gathers on the walls and it’s dark from misuse. Where new younger bands are sampling beats, GaGa has taken to sampling people and everyone is finally noticing. The title track of the album sounds like Madonna’s “Respect yourself” and even employs the same message. A message already overdone with Katy Perry’s “Fireworks” and Pink’s “Perfect”.

The music critics have even been hard on this album stating “if Lady GaGa put as much effort into this album as she does her daily fashion adventures…” the music would have been more relevant. Lady GaGa is survived by her fans as Little Monsters flock to get her album sold for .99 cents yesterday on Amazon.com. The album is priced 11.99 which is shockingly low for someone on their sophomore album (and had won so many awards for the first album “Fame Monster”).

You can’t count on fans forever as you are always guaranteed to lose more with ever bitter disappointment. Treat them well, GaGa because you may soon have your last meal (or minutes) of fame.


Comments on: "Lady GaGa Kills Herself" (1)

  1. Its a matter of time before she hangs herself from her career. I think the fans are starting to get tired of her lately. Hmmm, we will see what will happen!!!

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