"Fashion at the speed of life"

Okay so studs and chains are considered an accessory in your wardrobe so what trends can you possibly empress when everything is so tailored and feminine. Well not everything… There is a trend for you! Shop your closet now and see what trends you can embrace based on these staples in your closet!!

  1. A tee-shirt (yep – concert, wordy and unusual prints)
  2. Jeans (skinny, wide leg or designed)
  3. A-line skirt
  4. Studs, leather, and jackets
  5. Bustier
  6. Boots, studded flats, strapped ankle sandals and heels

Okay so what trends can you pull out of your closet? These three trends are going to be up your alley with the items I just listed – punk fashion, biker chic and wide pant.

Punk fashion


This style is so up your alley. All you really need is to pull out those many tee shirts and pair it with your paint splatter, or Clorox stained jeans. Add one of those studded jean or leather jackets and you have gone punk!! For a upscale look, try using one of you’re a-line skirts with your unusual print tees (face print anyone?) and add that studded jacket or add safety pins to the shoulder seems of a non-decorated leather (or leather-like) jacket and you have just taken punk upscale. Studded flats finish the look.

Biker Chic

biker chic

I know this trend is so close to the rocker in you! You probably already have a buckle designed jacket and all you need is a plain tee in neutral colors and skinny or form fitting jeans. So simple.

Pair this trend with those wicked chain ankle boots or heels. Add a chain necklace and keep your bag simple. Don’t over accessorize.

Wide pants

You love wide pants because they are so roomy and you have several in your closet!  Pair with the bustier for an upscale look or a half tucked in t-shirt for a causal one. Remember that this look is effortless so don’t try too hard.

Now, explore your closet and send us some pictures of how you embraced these trends straight from your closet.  See the post next week for another trend tailored to your style.


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  1. Wow! very informative!!!

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