"Fashion at the speed of life"

Okay, so you stock vintage stores and have never been inside the mall. This doesn’t mean you can’t be in trend because you prefer individualism instead of commercialism. With decades in style and long ago trends, you know there is nothing new in fashion and since it’s been done before – you most likely have the original inspiration right in your closet. Shop your closet now and see what trends you can embrace based on these staples in your closet!!

1. Tailored pants including wide leg, bell bottoms and straight legs
2. Dress – Flairs, Sheaths, and prints
3. Soft airy blouses, A-line shirts and form fitting sweetheart cuts
4. Tassels, beading and color
5. Cameos, flowers and headbands
6. Kitten heels, flats, booties

Okay so what trends can you pull out of your closet? These three trends are going to be up your alley with the items I just listed – 60’s fashion, color block and bell bottoms.

60’s fashion

You most likely already have this silhouette in your wardrobe: a dress that fits at the bodice and flairs out at the waist. You already have a sheath dress. Sweet heart cuts fall into this category as well. All you need is to pair it with your kitten heels and you’re done.

60's style

Color Blocking

Pair those funky colors together to get right into an easily adaptable trend. Try those bright pant (reds, deep blues and greens) with a contrasting a-line top (slightly boxy and short sleeved). Pair it with those bright colored flats and you are on trend.


Bell bottoms

This trend depends on rather you go for the 70’s vintage style and if you have pastel bell bottoms great, if not any flared pant will have the same effect. Pair these with those a-line tops for an upscale look, or add an airy blouse. Remember since the pants are the stars, tuck in the shirt and pair with a thin belt.

You love to accessorize and you may be happy to know that tassels and flowers are in! Add a flower to your hair and keep tassels to belts, and bags.

Now, explore your closet and send us some pictures of how you embraced these trends straight from your closet. See the post next week for another trend tailored to your style.


Comments on: "So many Trends so little money – Using your wardrobe to express the trends – Vintage" (2)

  1. That’s very interesting………great information.

  2. Samantha said:

    Great post! I love the 60s trends this summer — especially big, flaring bellbottoms and flowy blouses. Bold colors are my favorite too…I feel like I fell straight out of my parents generation! My other favorite summer essential that’s very 60s inspired are aviator sunglasses . They tie the whole outfit together 🙂

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