"Fashion at the speed of life"

I really do love this fiery red-headed violinist! Not only is she an amazing musician she also has shared some really personal things with her fans. She has shared with her fans some very personal struggles. She is a survivor of rape which has left her strong and makes her music deeply emotional! She also suffers from Bi polar disorder. I think she is to be commended for sharing information that is so personal and of a sensitive nature. She also is related to the Liddell family who’s daughter was believed to be the inspiration of C.S Lewis’ “Alice” of “Alice In Wonderland”! Her father was a Circus performer and her mother a seamstress! So creativity runs in her blood. Emilie also had a now defunct fashion label and she is a poet and author that has written several books!

Read “Across The Sky & Other Poems” and “The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls

Emilie Autumn

Emile Autumn


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