"Fashion at the speed of life"

Recently, with all these trends in vogue, designers have been adding smaller accents to stand out. Fashion has become so full of trends that how does one stay original?

Microtrends are the answer! Print trends is the form these small trends take on. In February, we say library books on dresses and last month we saw fruit. And it’s just not the US that feature this small ways to stand out in a trend saturated market.

Milan has several microtrends all around the trend of color which is not as typical in that region: orange, blue, and pinks.

Milan in  orange juice

In london, stripes became the micro-trend of the season paired with navy stockings. A sort of refined nautical.

London stripes microtrend

I haven’t seen anyone in a bookshelf or fruit covered dress but maybe I need to get out more.

There seems to be a microtrend in every form of accessory and clothing so stay tuned for microtrends in jewelry…stay tuned!


Comments on: "Microtrends: do they really catch on?" (2)

  1. los análogos hay?

    Translation: They’re similar hey?

  2. No puedo decidir.

    Translation: I can not Decide.

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