"Fashion at the speed of life"

I have been a fan of Heavy metal and alternative music ever since i was 8 years old and my brother would blast Metallica and Guns n Roses from his boom box. This genre of music may have screaming lead singers and loud electric Guitar riffs but underneath it all is the most amazingly deep, emotional and beautiful lyrics you will ever hear! Metal and Alternative bands sing about death, lost loves and emotional scars. but there is a lot of turmoil behind these bands.

Evanescence was my all time favorite band with the combination of lead singer Amy Lee’s hauntingly beautiful soprano and writer/lyrist ben Moody’s amazing song writing; it was a match made in heaven. but soon Amy and ben began to quarrel over who wrote what and soon the band was ripped a part leaving Amy lee with no founding members but herself! Now Ben has formed a new band with the other founding members of Evanescence called “We Are The Fallen”. Their new lead singer (American Idol Contestant(Huh?!!) Carly Smithson) pales in comparison. I really tried to support Ben but his new group just sounds like he is really trying to recreate a new Evanescence!

Paramore has been giving us fun punk music since the 90’s until two of their founding members (Josh and Zac Farro) decided that lead singer Hayley Williams was getting too much attention! really? And left the band! Come on!!

Now Slipknot who’s member donned beautiful creepy masks had some of the deepest lyrics you will ever hear broke up after the death of their band mate.

What happened to it being all about the music? And where does that leave all these adoring fans who have supported these bands when they were just passing around mixed tapes and trying to make it! No one has thought about us. All these break ups are for such superficial reasons! (except Slipknot). Can’t Ben Moody and Amy Lee just kiss and make up? Couldn’t the Farro brothers who left Paramore squelch their pride and hash it out with Hayley? Does no one care about the music? Now we are all left with this empty void and I don’t see any new bands good enough to fill these old bands’ shoes.

Download “Hello” and “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence
“Pulse of The Maggots” and “Before I Forget” by Slipknot
“All We Know” and “Only Exception” by Paramore

Original members of Evanescence

Original members of Paramore

original members of Slipknot


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