"Fashion at the speed of life"


We haven’t posted because we are not happy with the direction this blog is going which is the same direction of every other fashion blog in the blogsphere. We want to move away from trends and more to your specific style. What do you want to see in your closet? What is your style and how can you incorporate it into new trends? How can you avoid becoming a walking trend?

No one wants to be that girl in those ads wearing a tutu and tights. So we are working on a little quiz so you can determine your style and our posts will be tailored to each style on a weekly basis. My sister and I will provide tutorials on hair and makeup as well as trends specific to each style weekly.

Subscribers will get a free e-book on fashion with every subscription to start them off on their journey to unique and individual style. Subscribers can also win FUSCHA products in the latest trend specific to their style as well.


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