"Fashion at the speed of life"

This collaboration is a punk chicks dream!! The queen of punk clothing, designer Vivienne Westwood has paired with jelly plastic shoe company Melissa to make the most amazing shoe collection that I have ever seen! I am in awe!! Not only are these shoes whimsical and pretty but a lot of detail and love were put into these shoes. The collection features, pumps, ballet flats, boots, platform wedges and sandals. They come in bright funky patterns and colors as well as feature details such as bows, wings, hearts, pom poms, and wax look a like seals. The collection starts at about $75 and goes to $200. I own several pairs of Melissa jelly shoes and they are super comfortable so i can imagine the Vivienne Westwood collection is going to be just as comfortable! Get them now while you can! They are selling out left and right!

I found out that one site has them for 50-60% off! http://www.idontlikemondays.us sells the shoes for…under $80!

Vivienne Westwood For Melissa shoes $74.50 http://www.idontlikemondays.us

These are my fav!! Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes $195

Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Shoes http://www.polyvore.com

Designer Vivienne Westwood


Comments on: "Vivienne Westwood For Melissa Shoes" (3)

  1. OMG Thanks for the info! Your blog is always amazing to read!!! You rock!!!

  2. I cant believe i missed this one 😦 As always a very insightful post!

  3. I will anything to get these shoes!!!! lol!!!

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