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We love discovering new music and new people but we also love rediscovering new bands. Porcelain Black started in 2006 at 20 with the tag line porcelain but did not debut any albums until this year when she paired with Lil Wayne in her breakout song, “This is what rock and roll feels like”. The song features beats part Lady GaGa and part Ke$ha as well as rocking guitars and punk lyrics!

Lil Wayne’s brief cameo adds grit and sex appeal to an already fun song that sounds like a punk rebel anthem! It’s sad that it took this future punk princess so long to break out but it was worth the wait!

Porcelain black

Go the official site to view the video here


Comments on: "Porcelain Black and Lil Wayne – What’s new on the punk scene" (2)

  1. She was born in 1987 so she was 18 in 2006.
    The tag line was Porcelain and the tramps
    The exact title is : ” this is what rock n roll looks like”
    And, as you might have noticed she was around in 2006, which means way before Ke$ha and Gaga, so stop with the comparisons.

    Her Wiki page is quite usefull ^^

    • beauty4life317 said:

      I always use buzz artists to get people to listen to new music. I don’t care for Lady GaGa but people seem to be obsessed with her. Yes she started at 18 and yes she did come out with music before this album but this is her first mainstream album.

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