"Fashion at the speed of life"

Mercedes Benz Swim

Fashion week comes once a year in the hot and overbearing Miami heat. It usually runs into town on the heels of hurricane season; we all have little time to prepare and its always a surprise to see the aftermath. This year was different. Most mainstream shows were held by boutiques, more exclusive shows were held in private and it was extremely hard to get that coveted seat at Mercedes Benz Swim. The fact that it was so exclusive is leading to its failure. The fact that the Hispanic charged February fashion event ran by Beth Sobol may be the only fashion scene soon in Miami is quite disappointing. Enough with the disappointment; here is the lowdown.

Several events were held at the same time; making it hard not to devote yourself to one production: Mod Media, Funkshion and Mercedes Benz Swim held shows at the same time but not on time so you couldn’t catch another show if you wanted to. The Mod Media shows were quick; however featured some interesting designs from local boutiques in the area. For recent fashion, we headed over to Funkshion for a lingerie fashion show that was held up for over an hour. The same event had another event at the same time. That’s right, Funkshion had two shows run into each other. When we decided to head back to the other show, it was already over and the lingerie show was scheduled to start at 11:00pm!

The highlights were diesel and Beach bunny at Mercedes Benz which required a press pass to get in and was so exclusive only a small amount of seats were filled for the less known swimsuit designers. We hated the fact that some manufacturers also showed up on the runway but I am guessing it was hard to get designers back again after pouring rain ruined a lot of shows.

The locals came back at the last minute with Red Carter and Luli Fama joining on a week before the show. There show was packed and as usually worth seeing. The stunners went to the newbies and lesser knowns like Lisa Blue that pulled out all the stops with her apocalyptic designs.

Next year, I am still braving fashion week even those this year it was full of disappointment but trust me, there is always next year.

Lisa Blue


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