"Fashion at the speed of life"

When I first saw this gorgeous blue-eyed Adonis in the movie “Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants 2” I had to know more about him. Jessie Williams is bi- ethnic ( his mother is german and his father is african american) and started out as a n English high school teacher! He wasn’t quite happy with his profession and soon started modeling before landing the role as Leo in the above movie. He has co-starred in many movies including “Brooklyn’s Finest” but his most notable role to date is his permanent spot on the hit tv show “Grey’s Anatomy” in which he plays Dr. Jackson Avery. He also starred in Rhianna’s “Russian Roulette” music video.

I love the fact that Jessie is such a down to earth guy. You won’t see him making it rain at a strip club or cruising around town with a bunch of bimbos. He is still engaged to his childhood sweet heart, and she is plus size which means ladies he loves real women!!! What is there not to love about this actor!

See him in next year’s movie “The Cabin In The Woods” and of course “Grey’s Anatomy”

Jessie Willaims

Jessie Williams


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