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The rocker trend refuses to die and i can’t be happier. So it’s no surprise that the rocker girl’s shoe staple is once again in for fall, the flat ankle boot. This time around instead of just studded details the boots now have edgy details like straps, buckles and hardware. The finish of the boot is now more worn and the flat heel more chunky. I own a pair of ankle boots given to me by Steve Madden’s buyer and I love them so much a barely wear them, they are distressed with chains and crystals. I’m definitely taking them out this fall! So I will choose a pair that can fit with ever style and tell you what they go with in your closet!

The Rocker/Punk

Pair these boots with your fav skinny jeans and distressed leather jacket. Can also be done with mini skirt, leggings and fav vintage or current concert tee.

I chose these awesome boots from Joie because they have a dusty look as if you just came off the back of a Harley and the criss-cross strap details are edgy but not the typical studs that have been over done.

Joie “Rolling Stone” Boots $285 http://www.bloomingdales.com


Pair these boots with long flowy dresses and dark floral patterns and throw on your denim jacket. You can also pair these with a nice lace top and vintage jeans.

I chose these stunning boots from Cole Haan because they have that Victorian look but are made modern with the gunmetal buckles.

Air Alexis Short Flat Boot $278 http://www.colehaan.com


Even a laid back girl can appreciate a good boot. You can pair them with your fav tee and jeans or you can waer them with a maxie tshirt dress and fedora.

I chose these Aqua Boots because they have a nice distressed finish but are clean and simple with the perfect strap detail that can be worn with just about anything!

Aqua “Roper” Moto Boots $169 http://www.bloomingdales.com


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