"Fashion at the speed of life"

Versatile, functional, and stylish, these bags can hold everything just in time for the holidays. So here are the best bags for your style (don’t know what it is then take our quiz).

Rocker style

If you want this bag type to fit into your style; try one that is basic black and features studs on the pocket or strap. A black and white version can be edgy as well like the Chanel bag below.

Chanel Front Pocket

To get a deal for less in this style, tune into our get it for less handbag edition.

Classic style

For a classic version of this style, go for the satchel shape in the ultra basic brown. Pronounced stitching, and simple locks make the below bag perfect for the classic chic.

classic style bag


For this style, my own, I would look for quilting and pastel colors. Quilting has a vintage feel while color’s like purple and pink add a touch of romance.

Quilted front pocket


Look for details like gold or silver colors or stitching to fit into your style. Also, try a paired down rocker style bag like the one below.

glam bag

This look is not for sporty types but a backpack with two pockets will do the trick!


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