"Fashion at the speed of life"

We are all strapped for cash and these hard times call for strategy and psychic fashion powers. Lucky for you i am psychic enough for the both of us!! So you started shopping for fall accessories but you want to spend your money on an item you can use for at least two seasons. This week we feature a handbag that can accomplish this great feat: The bucket bag! This bag has earth tones for fall and bright colors for Spring! The bridge the gap between the two and allow for maxium use, try these styles!

Go for transition colors

lavender bucket

Instead of picking up a black or camel variety, go for a color that acts as a neutral in fall but can be bright enough for Spring. Pastels in purple, and pink can work well between seasons. White is also a great transition color since it is in for the fall and for the spring.

Go for texture


We all know that ethnic prints (animal anyone?) and textures are in for the fall so let’s use that to our advantage. Purchase woven looks now to embrace the ethnic trend that will run straight through to next fall.

Go for prints

printed bucket

Prints have seen a revival recently when it use to be rare. Printed bags can look ethic in the fall but have a new life in summer and spring months.

If all else fails, stick to your style. Classics stick to camel styles with minimal detail. Rockers and Punks try studded or edgy woven styles. Vintage and Romance go for ruffles and pastel features or leather cutout varieties. Sporty go for the prints. When its your own style, it never fails to be out of style.


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