"Fashion at the speed of life"

Accessories take note and its top to find out what styles fit into your wardrobe. Like clothing styles, the styles for jewelry run a full gamine and of course it is difficult to decide which trends fit into your closet. So here is the breakdown:

Rockers and Punk


Big chunky cutouts are great for a subtle rocker feel but spike studs are also in and if you are wearing something causal then the studs are a great choice. For punk dressing, add a pop of neon chain and the woven knit styles that are seen everywhere. Chan Luu started the craze!

keep highly studded items including handbags and jewelry to causal dressing and use chunky cutouts for more special occasions. For Punker choose the neon chain for special occasions and use woven cord bracelets for casual wear.



Flowers and leaves jewelry can be incorporated into both fashions styles for Romance and vintage. Simple necklace charms on thin chain is great for causal looks and can be layered for evening wear.

To be continued next week with causal and glamor…


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