"Fashion at the speed of life"

The Birthday massacre

The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian punk band that combine ethereal sounds with rhythmic beats. The band formed in 1999 under the name Imagica getting the title from Clive Barker’s popular novel of the same name. The band formed in London, Ontario when Rainbow met Chibi in college while studying Fine Arts and decided to start a band after dinner one night. i know its not the best story but it is the truth. The band collected members through unconventional ways including an ad (O.E. drums) and by attending the same university. The band members by name are Chibi, Rainbow, Falcore, Rhim, Owen, and Nate Manor.

The band has released eight albums including Pins and Needles which saw the launch of their website and an online comic book, disappearing monsters. The band has yet to go mainstream which makes their music honest, and extremely appealing with the commercial edge.

We love the bunny with the blood dripping from its mouth logo and we love the remixes of the Pin and needles album in their recent release Imaginary Monsters. The band is over ten years old and I look forward to their next full length album. The album can be heard in its entirety on their myspace page (yes its still big in Canada and Japan).


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