"Fashion at the speed of life"

Okay so we love that fall has a look for every style and hair is no exception. From crazy frizz (done on purpose?) to color strikes here, once again, are the trends for your style.



Since fall is vastly composed of the holiday season, there are many showy hair styles to embrace for the vintage type. For short haired vintage types, try a floral headpiece or something in simple leather and a nuetral color. If you are lucky enough to have long hair,  try a  updo which reminds us of the 70’s with the unkempt trend of the 21st century. For a more causal look, go for the half updo which features pinning your hair up in the middle and letting the sides just hang loose.


Flash of color - Allure magazine

We love a loose bun since it is so romantic but also the messy bang has an edgy feeling and that says alot about todays romantic dresser.  If you do happen to be sadly afflicted with short hair, try the side part or a gauzy headband.

Thanks Allure magazine for the pictures and you can vist the site for instructions on how to achieve each look here.


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