"Fashion at the speed of life"

I was read that if you maintain your wardrobe throughout the year, you won’t need to buy a whole new one every time the season changes (Harper’s Bazaar). My sister and I called it preventive shopping. The idea was to prevent us from being unprepared if a fashion event or social event popped up.  In this case, we always had a dress to pull out and only had to focus on our hair. So here is a guard to what to keep in your wardrobe, what to pack away and what to toss into the back (for spring 2013?).

Peplum blazers for fall 2011 and Spring 2012


Layers are not your best friend but the turtle necks you are wearing now can still be used for spring’s early months (march and april).  Ditch the trench and wear those blazers as a coat. Wear those wide leg trousers you were using with leg warmers and take the boot from mid-thigh to ankle. Summary:

Keep: Blazers, shorts (soft fabric) and trouser pants

Toss:  long skirts (pack these away for fall 2012!)

Buy: Peplum blazers – If you get it in a bright or neutral color, you can wear it now and all the way to spring!!

Cameoflauge from fall 2011 to Spring 2012


We all know that you impressed the layering with half cut sweaters over a t-shirt and jeans were your best friend. You ignored this fall’s fashion because sadly, no causual picks made the cut.  Spring doesn’t have much picks either but those pastel colored tees can be paired with metallic shorts so they are a must to keep in your wardrobe.  Jeans are never seen on the runway but trouser styles and wide pants are better than skinny and low waist. Stick  to high waisted jeans for a slick look.


Keep: pastel shirts and tees

Toss: skinny and low-waist jeans

Buy: Cameofluage – the print is in for both fall this year and spring next year. The trick is to get a bridge color and not the expected green. Artistic variations are a must.

Thanks for stopping by and turn in on monday for Rock and punk fall to spring trends. Thanks Glamour for the pictures.


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