"Fashion at the speed of life"

With record warm weather across the country (and an 82 degree christmas at my local), most stores haven’t even began to sell Spring fashion in order to sell thier overstock of winter accessories.  So while every magazine and store is still in winter we are sprining ahead!! So we already covered spring 2012 bags and now, we are getting it for less!!

High end department stores seem the only ones with a selection of spring 2012 bags. Nordstrom carries M Z Wallace which has a sequin and canvas look that has a glam feel.  This is great for glam style individuals and the price is reasonable at 179.00

The second bag is from Giani Bernin which is canvas coated with plastic and has a real vintage look due to the print. The price is right at 88.00 and it’s on sale right now at macys.com for 38.99

The last bag is from Nieman Marcus from the brand Together again which is a simple canvas tote bag with a print of another more classic bag. This is a very classic look and we love the fact it is also funny. The bag is priced at 65 dollars and is on sale for 43.00.

If you are looking for shoes to match this trend head over to charolette russe for classic booties like these:

charlotte russe booties - 45.50

Stay tuned for next week when we explore another bag trend for less!


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