"Fashion at the speed of life"

Its always difficult to stay ahead of fashion since spring 2012  has turned to snow in the fashion world whereas stores are still trying to clearance off those parkas from fall 2011! So February shows in New York are geared toward fall 2012 and winter 2013. Here are some trends we have noticed cropping up for several winters and we think it will still be a sure bet for fall 2013.


Fur has been in for several years and I can bet that the fall shows will feature this fashion icon in some way: handbags, headbands or clothes. In 2009, it appeared in the form of a shrugs and vests for a less dramatic but elegant statement. In 2010, it became vest and coats with bright bold colors and patterns. In 2011, we saw it introduced to handbags and headbands (fur trim accents) since it became more of an accent and less the main event like previous seasons. So what is next for fur 2012? Can you say hats? Who really knows but this trend is definitely a sure bet.


Lace is kind of a love affair for me since I love romance and so vintage and romantic dressers rejoice. Just like fur appeals to glam dressers, this is our staple piece. It has come a long way from just being trim on dresses and a way to hide hems on skirts. The evolution for lace began in the 70’s but the 80’s brought in spandex, cotton and other fabrics as Americans switched from leisure to work mode. In 2008, the fabric made it back into fashion’s good graces and stayed there. In 2008, we saw lace over fabric in multiple row trim and in basic colors (white, black and cream). In 2009, cut out accents began to form and the illusion of being partially naked. In 2010, we begin to see the trend of removing the background fabric and allowing lace to show its true charm. Lace seems to be the only material that can transcend seasons, with lace looks popping up in RTW, Spring and Fall looks (sometimes twice in one year!). However, lace returned to overlay status in 2011 and we wonder, will it stay there or return to the no holds-bar (what no slip?) sex appeal of prior seasons? Still a sure bet for fall 2012.

Bright Colors

This trend is a more recent development and probably because of the recession requiring us to not look like we are mourning our bank account’s previous status and to put a smile on our faces. The basic colors include red, some form of blue or green, orange and purple. I think we can  see a focus on green this fall 2012 or maybe any jewel tone. Bright colors in fall you say? Well, it works for  Russia. Neon colors have come into play as well for the past two seasons as spring trends but i think they will reinvented for fall.

Token Neutral

We have also noticed that some color becomes the new black every fall season, purple was a favorite of years past, as well as various browns and once dark blue. Camel will be this years “new black” and I may even say either red or navy blue. I say navy blue because nautical is a re-occurring trend for summer and it just may leak into fall and i am seeing red in glimpses in the 2011 runways.

So happy new year and February shows will prove rather these trends are here for another year or not. If so, take them out of your closer, dust them off and wear them as if you always knew that hoarding fashion always pays off.


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