"Fashion at the speed of life"

The best part about this trend is that you can tailor the prints to your personal style. If you are a classic dresser, pebble and basic leather finishes are the best choices. For rockers and punk dressers, crocodile print. For glam dressers, snake print is a must. For vintage and romance dressers, ostrich is a sure bet. Casual dressers can stick to a smooth finish.

To get the best bags for under 60 dollars, we visited baghaus.com:

Nila Anthony - ostrich bag

This bag is priced 49.95 and is just the right style for vintage and romance.

Then we checked out nordstrom.com for the snakeskin Elliot Lucca bag that is on sale for 65.00. This bag is great bag for glam dressers.

Elliot Lucca

Finally, we journeyed to amiclubwear.com for this light brown basket weave bag for just 27.99.

Ami club wear

If you find a bag that follows this trend, please post it on our new facebook page!!


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