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Kerli Fashions A Comeback

Kerli has first appeared on the scene with her amazing debut album 2008’s “Love Is Dead”. Her music blew me away. It’s so haunting and deeply emotional. Kerli’s style back then was a Tim Burton fantasy. Lolita Goth was her style. She wore a lot of corsets, baby doll dresses and fascinators. Kerli has had a lot of struggles to become mainstream; especially since she has on many occasions accused Lady Gaga of stealing her look and style ( I couldn’t agree more). But things are looking up for the pretty Estonian singer. She still remains with Island Def Jam, has recorded the song “Tea Party” for Tim Burton’s “Alice In Wonderland” and “BulletProof” for “Punisher:War Zone” movie. Her 2011 “Army of Love” song debuted at number 1 on The Billboards Hot Dance Club Hits. She is now recording her new album which won’t be as dark and gothic as “Love is Dead’ and has even changed her style to what she calls “Bubble Goth”; which is like if you combined a club kid with Japanese Kawaii. I think 2012 will be Kerli’s year. Us Moonchildren are rooting for her!!




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  1. You may be right about this being the year Kerli breaks out in the US.
    Its important to mention she actually imagines, creates and personally makes her clothes.

    Theres a couple of things I think need to happen to really break the “barrier of entry” for her IMO.

    1 – A far better fit of producer. Jean Baptiste has done his best work with the Black Eyed Peas, but that is a very savvy group with a lot of experience. They didnt need much direction, just someone who can get the sound in mix they wanted.

    2 – Her story is just amazing and needs to precede her always. There is no one in pop culture with anything even close to such a story of overcoming the odds. Not even close.

    3 – Do not drop the F-bombs in publicly released statements/interviews. In film there is a term called continuity. Example, if you see something that is off and not in context to the scene the viewer becomes distracted and isn’t really paying attention while thier brain tries to make sense of the suddenly off camera angle, change of audio or out of context scripting.

    4- Stay Kerli. I wrote a bit about what soaring performers have to endure (Bjork is a great example). Hope she is ready and really want to think she is. A great inspiration, I can’t describe how much I hope the very best for someone who really deserves it as much as Kerli does.

  2. I have to amit Kerli is original and has a good soul. I don’t know why she doesn’t have a huge following on the states, like Lady Gaga etc. Because she doesn’t want to sale her soul to the devil like most hollywood stars? Our could it be because she refuses to obtain a slut image that most record producers want? If Kerli could be as big as the other mega stars, she will be able to help allot teens and others who really are in pain with this world. Hang in there Kerli, love your style and music.

  3. WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. ?

  4. Thank you Old Wolf! What a great comment! You are right how could I forget to mention she makes her own clothing. Thanks for pointing that out along with all your wonderful info!

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