"Fashion at the speed of life"

I once read that the monthly maintenance is the cure to a lacking closet. The true is that versatility is the key. By buying key pieces that are part of your esthetic and are a part of an re-emerging trend is the foundation for the best wardrobe. This is the final installation and also my own style. The best part about romance is that ruffles and lace seem to be re surging from past runways and any vintage girl will squeal when she notes that period styles are coming back (this spring we actually journey as far 1920’s).

From Spring ’12 to Fall ’11 – lace trend


Lace, lace and more lace is your mantra and the world finally heard you (and me ;)! For fall, lace gets paired down with as the use of overlay over plain white shirts and inlays. In Spring, lace gets larger, a more doily style. In order to get both looks, pair a lace shirt with a white buttoned down shirt or an A-line shirt in the fall months and pair with form fitting bright colors for spring 2012. For spring, you have hit a gold mined with ruffles, pleats and lace all coming back full swing.


keep: lace, anything white , and anything pleated (especially skirts

Toss: flowing skirts and tights

Buy: lace in large prints mostly in white


Keep everything and disregard few because this is your year in fashion. Round shoulders, cut out shoulders and even neon colors!! This year fashion takes a leap between 1920’s to 1970’s, weaving a delicate path between the best of all the decades with a modern twist. So how does a vintage girl pull off all these decades with looking like a flapper, a post war house wife or a time traveler lost between today and tomorrow?

1. Stick to orange tones
2. Take one key item from each century: 1920’s – color blocking, 1950’s hot pants or 1970’s flowing gowns
3. Floral prints and zig zag or chevron


Keep: maxi dresses, orange tones, hot pants
Toss: harem pants and bell bottoms
Buy: lace gowns


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  1. Beneficial data and outstanding style you got here! I would like to most effective wishes for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!

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