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Sheer trends in any style

Sheer seems to be back in a big way but of course we can’t all be comfortable with bearing skin. The best part of this spring trend is that you are meant to wear something underneath. So take advantage of the undergarment to express your own style.

For causal, sheer may be too much to take on fully. Try one sheer separate at a time. Pair a sheer shirt with a tee shirt or a sheer skirt with a sweater.

For Glam, sequin and designed sheers are your best bet but if you want to look more casual (meaning laidback); try a sheer dress with a flashy bra and flesh tone underwear (or the same color of the sheer).

For rock and punk, stick to dark sheer colors with black lace overlay. Wear a lace slip underlay to appear rocker or wear a neon color to appear punk.

For a classic look, pair a full sheer dress with an A-line dress.

For Romance and Vintage, lace is your friend. For vintage, go for a more opaque lace and romance a lighter lace. Romantics should go for ruffle accents while vintage should stick to a-line styles.

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Comments on: "How to wear sheer in any style" (1)

  1. shear looks so elegant and chic, love the way it flows on a woman 😉

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