"Fashion at the speed of life"

Every year there seems to be some sort of need for all of us to purchase a wig just so we can be in fashion and complete the looks we all loved on the runway. So what about us short haired people? Doesn’t anyone care? Well, we care and we looked through several fashion sites to get the short of it – what hair style for your fashion type!


Glistening Hair

This trend is perfect for short haired classic styles because it allows for flexiablity. You can style your hair any way and still be on trend or if you are too busy, a hint of shine or gloss and out the door!!


Go Wavy

Waves are short hair friendly and a simple crush of the hand with some mouse makes it easy to accomplish.


Go Braids!!

You don’t need long hair to pull off this look. It is more about sheer number then length!!

I hope to find some looks for Glam and Punk Rockers with short hair and i will let you know next time!!


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