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Spring is around the corner so what better way to welcome in Spring then to buy some shoes! So we will have a series of posts on all the cool shoe trends for Spring! After that we will have a get it for less series where all the Spring 2012 shoes will be under $50! So don’t miss a post! Sign up to get all our posts delivered to your email!

So here is Part 2. We will be focusing on two strap heels and boat shoes!

Two Strap heels are flirty and fun and can go from day to-night. You can wear them with just about all your day and evening outfits. The 2012 versions come in pastel colors and animal prints.

Boat shoes are Oxfords less preppy and more relaxed cousin. They can be worn with shorts, skirts and probably all the clothes you wear with your Oxfords. The 2012 versions come in candy colors.

Spring 2012 Shoe Trends

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