"Fashion at the speed of life"

Ladies, its been a long time before we recieved a shoe that is comfortable and in fashion! Other then the boat shoes (which look like stylized loafers), we can look at this more cooler alternative to beat the unseaonable heat and look fashionable while doing it!! So here are some low-cost (cause these shoes do not look cheap) way to stay on trend and in your style!!!


Rock fashionistas should look for zipper or stud details for thier flat strappy sandals. I saw these cool zipper detailed strappy sandals on ebay from allaboutshoes for only 19.95! Check sears for a nice variety if you are not interested in waiting for delivery.


For punk fashionista, look for a pop of color to set off your outfit!! Not only will you be embracing the color trend but also the strappy trends as well. This shoe by LuLu (called Qupid) comes in lovely candy colors and the turqouise one can be seen below.



Metallic and crystal details are your signature and it doesn’t help that this trend embraces such embellishments and colors. We found a great pair of strappy shoes at Payless for 22.99 called Rein.



You love clean lines and basic colors. The fact is that bright colors are not your strong point and this is trend has a light of kakhi, browns and blacks in which you can choose. The straps should not be too fussy since you will definitely loose the clean line classic feel. Sketchers’ Cali collection is perfect at 31.95.



Lady-like embelishments like flowers, tassels, ruffles and fringe are all things you should be looking for in a shoe! We loved the tassel-like fringe on these Dollhouse Flicka we found on endless.com for 20.95.



We know exposing your feet could be quite uncomfortable so look for strappy flats with a gladiator feel. We loved these Pink Duchess jayce 2 Flat at Gilks for 19.90. The cover the entire feet but still let’s your pedicure show.



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  1. Greeting from across the world. interesting post I will return for more.

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