"Fashion at the speed of life"

These sandals are sexy but very comfortable. There are different types of platforms but the ones that are new for 2012 have an even platform base. You can get the height you want without the pain and blisters! You’ll be wearing these sandals until Fall! This is the end of our get it for less guide! I hope you will print out this guide and take it with you when you go shoe shopping! Don’t forget to follow us on twitter! @fashiongoddess4

Restricted Anchor Sandals

These sandals are so cute and nautical! They can be bought in different colors at endless.com for $44 but only heels.com has the navy.

Restricted Anchor Sandals $50 http://www.heels.com


I love the pattern on the platform bottom! Its soo tribal! The browm faux leather makes this sandal very versatile!

Daytrip Spit Fire Sandal $49.95 http://www.buckle.com


These sandals are so versatile! The cork is so Spring and Summer!

Report Sunset Wedge Sandal $50 http://www.dsw.com

Chelsea Crew

These sandals are so luxe looking! The suede and cork combo is amazing! They are also on sale!

Chelsea Crew Sharon cork wedge sandals $34.50 http://www.shopruche.com


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