"Fashion at the speed of life"

Judith Leiber

We love the “necessary of accessory” this season. The economy has once again made us all want to be in the spotlight and what more then how we carry our stuff! The interesting point is which statement clutch is right for you based on your personal style. Judith Leiber is the queen but if the above clutch is too much then choose from the options below and embrace your own style.


Kaboodle.com example

We love the strong satin look with the exaggerated details for the classic style. The satin look gives a finished look while the details add the charm.


Marchesa clutch

Go big. Beads, sequins, and crystals are all up your ally. Gold is your best friend and this is the color to stick to when seeking a statement piece.

Rocker or punk

Alexander McQueen

Crystals and skulls are the best embellishments for you. Punks can get away with funky patterns and bright color as well.



Embroidery, light fabrics, and flower applique are the elements of the perfect clutch for you.



All the above clutches may be too over the top for you so stick to clasp adornments.

Check out our facebook page for more images of clutches at http://www.facebook.com/thefashiongoddess.


Comments on: "The Statement Clutch: A new way to make a statement" (2)

  1. kirinjirafa said:

    statement bags! good stuff and definitely a trend right now. i’m glad because i love quirky accessories- i keep waiting for someone to produce a middle-class version of the olympia le tan book clutch

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