"Fashion at the speed of life"

Athletic hits the runway

Sporty trends have popped up on the runway and has everyone wanting to adopt it into their wardrobe. So how can a classic staple be adopted in sophisticated, statement or rocker styles? If you were wondering the mystery has been solved. If you are a causal dresser then this staple is already in your closet but for the rest of us read on and find out how sporty isn’t just sneakers anymore.

Classic Sporty

three styles - one trend

Layering is your friend and this trend calls for it. The layering effect is best accomplished by a large sweater with a fitted shirt underneath. The hat is optional but the skirt must be deconstructed. Think layers, odd angles and classic pastels. For a lighter look, try a sweater vest with a mini skirt. A pony tail will complete the look.

Romance/Vintage Sporty

Ditch the separates and go for a tennis inspired dress like the style Akris. For a more sporty look, add a light hoodie.

Rocker/Punk Sporty

Camouflage is your best friend for punk but pants should be fitted like in Isabel Marant and pair with a bright t-shirt. A net shirt is great for rockers plus pair it with leather leggings.


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