"Fashion at the speed of life"

This is probably the easiest way to be in trend is to wear “it” colors. The “new black” trend as been in vogue for several years but it has been updated with a new theme: “the color of the year”. The idea was a stroke of genius because anyone can be in trend by just wearing it.

orange trend

The color of the season

Orange and tangerine are the colors of the season meaning that summer is going to be easy to put a wardrobe together. For casual dressers, wear an orange t-shirt and walla! For classic dressers, add an orange blazer or pencil skirt. For romance/vintage dressers, try a ruffle top in the bright hue. Punk dressers will be at home with bright colors so try a orange tanktop or ripped t-shirt.

Rockers this trend may be too much without drowning it in pleather shorts or ripped jeans.

The color of the year is not really a color but a group of colors – neon. These colors are so punk it is a mystery on how to add it to a more refined dresser. Tune in Monday for the scope on a color trend that spans three full seasons!!


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