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I looked everywhere on the internet and I had to resort to magazine articles to get the makeup trends for this summer. I can say that summer is all about minimalism in makeup. Maybe, it’s the bright colors in our clothes or the fact we are all going to sweat more this summer (it’s been really hot lately) that called for cooler colors like blue, and neutral shades. So what makeup trend is right for your style and what if you want to go more daring? Can you? In this installment of your style, we will give your makeup match and then challenge you to embrace a polar opposite makeup trend. Are you ready for a challenge? If you do put on your polar opposite makeup personality, please post your look with your basic style on our facebook page. I may take the challenge myself!!


Neutral Makeup


Fresh Face:

The Fresh face makeup trend is a great trend for classic and casual dressers alike because it is so no fuss for women on the go either work or play. The look can be completed with simple foundation and chapstick.


Bright Eyes:

This trend is like fresh face with a more exaggerate feature: the eyes. Try the colors of the seasons on your eyes: blue, orange or pink and leave the rest of your face netural. So I dare you? Take the challenge on facebook.com/thefashiongoddess blog.


Pretty Pastels seen in Glamour

Pretty Pastels:

This trend is so romantic with the cheeks giving a vintage flair that it is a perfectly safe trend to embrace.


Bright Lips:

This trend is best for those who are glamour prone but this look will definitely improve your summer outfits. Try it in fuschia pink to go with your style without being overpowering.


Bright eye trend


Bright Eyes

For punk dressers, this trend allows you to play with unconventional colors. For rock stylers, keep to darker colors like purples, and deep blues. The lip is neutral in this look.


The Monochromatic face

The face is neutral and you have to pick only one item (cheeks, eyes or lips) to put a gentle pop of color. Lightly applied to area so not to oversaturate.


Bright lips Trend


Bright Lips

This trend calls for light or neutral colors on eyes, and a bright lip. Cheeks can have a light blush if you want more color but the ideal is a neutral face.


Pop of light colors

This look adds light color to the cheek and eyes and leaves the lips nude. Try using a bronzer on cheeks and gold on the eyes to add a little glam to this look.

Go to our facebook page for images of your polar opposite in makeup style and take dare if you can. Post your images, we would love to see it and even offer tips. Go to facebook.com/thefashiongoddessblog to continue the conversation.


Comments on: "Summer and Spring Makeup Trends: The makeup for your personal style" (2)

  1. Very good article! I love the fresh face, bold eyes and bright lip trends! I alternate between the fresh face and bright lip trend a lot when getting ready for work

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