"Fashion at the speed of life"

The hottest new trend is wearing your pajama pants outside in the streets. But hold on a sec it’s not like the way you think (you know chick standing in line in Starbucks wearing fuzzy bear slippers and sloppy ill-fitting pj bottoms with tacky letters going down the side!)it’s more about choosing pj pants that look more like lounge wear. The kinds that are made from butter soft cotton or silk. The pants have to have a nice fit but also be loose at the bottom. Your tops should be structured and never a tee or you’ll look like said girl I just mentioned. You want to look put together like the pj pants are regular pants. These bottoms are a nice cool option for the hot Summer this year and look good on everyone! I wear mine with a silk beaded top and a straw fedora. (I love ❤ the bottoms from Soma Intimates!) So I put together some outfits so Curvy girls can have some fun with this trend! Don't forget to add jewelry! Statement necklaces and rings are still a must have! Also try carrying a clutch in the day. Enjoy 🙂

Pajama Game Curvy Chic Edition


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