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Pastel trends

All these color trends are probably sending everyone in a tail spin. While the neon trend may seem limited to punk dressers, this trend is more flexible. Some colors may even seem limited to some styles and we even notice that some dressers feel more comfortable in a specific pastel color. So how do you embrace the pastel colors and which one is right for you?


Philip Lim

Lavender seems the color pastel to embrace for causal dressers. It may be easier to purchase a shirt or a bottom in lavender like the Phillip Lim looks above. Keep the bottoms roomy and stay away from sheer looks. Loose pants can be paired with sneakers.


Pastels for romance

Pastel blue and peach are the colors for romance and it helps to get away from blush or pink cliche colors. Try the pastels in a dress with heavy lace details and vintage elements like collars.


Printed pastels? The House of Holland presented the perfect solution with animal print on pastel colors. So a pastel color background with edgy prints works best!!


We loved the look on mint green on classic dressers. Pants and other bottoms should be tailored. Dresses should flow like the images above.


Pastels? Isn’t that for timid people? Try a pastel cardigan over black to embrace this trend or try pastel tights with a black outfit. If clothes are not you, then try to wear a pastel accessory.


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