"Fashion at the speed of life"

Shoegasim-A feeling of utter joy and happiness that transports you to another plain. That is what happens to me and other shoe addicts when we try on and/or purchase a stunning pair of shoes. I own lots of shoes and have started to get bored with the selections when at DSW shoe warehouse I came across Irregular Choice shoes and was blown away! I tried them on and did a runway walk down the aisle and every head turned instantly complimenting me on the shoes. I was hooked and bought them right away! So I’d like to share this little piece of heaven with you and here is something to sit back and stare at while you are waiting for the barbeque to cook on the grill this Memorial day! Enjoy!!

Irregular Choice shoes are very whimsical and feature stunning details like carved acrylic heels, embroidery, fabric flowers and lace. They come in flats, booties, heels, wedges and platform and are priced $89-$200.

Irregular Choice is a UK-based shoe company started in 1999 by british designer Dan Sullivan. He stated he wanted to make shoes that were unique and different like nothing seen before which is why he chose “Irregular” as part of the name of the company. he has flagship stores throughout the Uk and Europe and he had a flagship store in NY but unfortunately it is now closed. You can still purchase his designs in the us through his website http://www.irregularchoice.com

The shoes that got me hooked! Irregular Choice Fabric Footwear Sandal $80 http://www.dsw.com

Milkshake Mush $150 http://www.heels.com

Can’t Touch This $139 http://www.irregularchoice.com


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