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Trends for the Middle

We all noticed magazines state the new trend for the summer seem remarkably similar to every other fashion magazine; however, sometimes they report on mini-trends, i.e. they are gone before you even know they were a trend or they never catch on in the first place, like feather extensions and chipped nail polish last summer. This summer is no exception with some new mini-trends you may find interesting. If it fits your style then try them out but be forewarned, people may or may not recognize the trend and some of them are strange…

Mis-Matched earrings

On the eve of the closing of Betsey Johnson who was famous for creating mismatched earrings; all of the sudden it has become a trend. For punk dressers, this trend is probably something you have done before. I trend the look with a ornate headband and balanced it out with a post earring (on the side the headband focal point was on) and a chandelier on the other. I surprisingly got a lot of comments from co-workers who seemed to like idea.

For romance/vintage dressers like me , an understated post and a ornate chandelier is the best way to pull off the look while classic dressers may want to with a post and dangle earrings and causal dressers may want to do a drop and post earring combination.

Crop pants

Like any romance, vintage or classic dresser, I dislike the variety of pants. However, mid-priced stores have been offering this variety of pants since the beginning of may has the look for summer. If you are a glam dresser, this trend will come as a sacrifice to your style ethic. Causal dressers will love this trend especially the Bohemian variety.

Printed jeans

This trend popped up first in Lucky magazine and then I saw varieties at my local Guess store and knew that it was going to stick around for the summer. Floral prints for romance, lace overlay for vintage, acid tie-dye for rock/punk and animal print for glam. This trend is too racy for classic and casual dressers who should opt for the color jean trend instead.

Partial sheer bottoms

Before I even got into this trend, it was on it’s way out. Forever 21, and H&M were the few places to find this classic stable and I really wanted it for a shirt i bought. If you do find this trend still lingering in your city. Let me know and post yourself wearing it on our face book page – www.facebook.com/thefashiongoddessblog.

Pajamas trend

First pointed out in Harper’s bazaar, I found this trend hard to pull off. Like the partial sheer, it is best left to classic dressers. My sister, a punk glam rock dresser with overtones of Lolita (yes it is possible) accomplished the look with wearing pajama bottoms with a t-shirt (heavily rock-influenced). Romance/vintage dressers can pair with a ruffle or flowing top, and classic/casuals could go full pajamas but try not to match and wear the entire set or you may look like you just got of bed and changed your shoes.

For images of this trend and some tips to pull it off in your style. Check out our face book page!!


Comments on: "Mini-trends for the summer:Will they catch on?" (2)

  1. Cool new trend but i still dont get it i mean really mis mactched earings but i dont want to be a party pooper its just that its my opinion i still dont get it even if u try nor trying to be mean just u guys better watch out for the real cute fshionable lovable trends maybe watch out for cute make your own designed tees their so in right now in my own school better watch out for those but im still not teying to be mean im serous just giving u the fashion trends at my cool school

  2. Ok great style goddes u r with me

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